Andrion Club


The Andrion Club is a not-for-profit association recognized by the Hellenic Republic, its articles of association are registered in the book of associations of the Court of First Instance of Syros and is subject to the provisions of the Civil Code on associations and the Code of Civil Procedure.

Donation Process & Intention

The electronic donation intention process of the Andrion Club is the following:

    1. Chose the application form
    2. Fill up the application (attention to fill up all the mandatory fields)
    3. Send the filled up application to the Andrion Club
    4. Electronic response from the Andrion Club related to your donation approval
    5. After the approval of the donation,
      1. If it is a cash amount, deposit the amount of the donation to one of the Andrion Club’s Bank Accounts and send via email the deposit slip to the Andrion Club
      2. If it is a donation in kind, communication will follow with the administration of the Andrion Club for the completion and delivery of the donation
    6. Completion of the process with its addition to the minutes of the next Andrion Club Board Meeting from the deposit date.

Wish List

Under Construction

Donations in Memoriam

Monetary Donation in the Memory of Maria D. Koutsoukou (1947 – 2018) from Vaggelis and Katerina Mageirou and Chrysanthos and Eirini Kalligerou in 2018.

The website of the Andrion Club is a Donation in the Memory of Captain Ioannis D. Falangas (1908 – 1999) from Leandros Kontogouris and Lygeri Hatzi in 2020.

The conversion of the Historic Billiard of the Andrion Club into a conference table is a Donation in the Memory of Captain Giannoulis P. Moraitis (1913 – 2010) and Maria I. Moraitis (1934 – 2014) from Thalia Marmaras in 2020.

Monetary Donation in the Memory of the couple Petros and Annezio Kairis from their son Periklis – Georgios Kairis in 2020.

Benefactors and Donors

  1. Polembros Shipping – Spyros L. Polemis
  2. Kouros S.A. – Ioannis and Hara Tseperka
  3. Doric Shipbrokers – Vasilis and Eirini Mougi
  4. Proteus Social Innovation & Development
  5. Alpha Bank, Andros Branch
  6. Eurobank, Andros Branch
  7. Fast Ferries
  8. Ioannis Ketsis
  9. Niki I. Stylianou
  10. iARK Digital Agency & Andros Digital – Mimis Vasileiou

Bank Accounts


IBAN: GR06 0110 3130 0000 3132 9605 914 – BIC: ETHNGRAA 


IBAN: GR92 0140 6220 6220 0200 2006 633 – BIC: CRBAGRAA


IBAN: GR7502604250000910200206480 – BIC: ERBKGRAA


IBAN: GR2701713650006365145630380 – BIC: PIRBGRAA

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